The Best Home Ear Syringing Kit

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Ear syringe with ear wax removal Tool

 ✅ Ear wax can become a much more serious problem over time than just being an itch in the ear. From hearing loss caused by ear wax blockage, to keeping good personal hygiene, cleaning your ears properly is important.     

✅ Complete Detox’s Earwax Remover Syringe Kit with ear wax removal tool included

Our ear cleaner kit provides an easy solution to the challenges of clearing lodged ear wax. This Ear Syringe Kit has been purposefully designed to remove stubborn ear wax using nothing more than water pressure.     

 ✅ The Tri Stream Tip Technology provides the user with deep cleansing action while remaining gentle on the ears and comfortable to use. The influx of water created by the Ear Syringe Tip massages the ear canals, gently dislodging any ear wax that has become stuck over time.    

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Spiral Ear Cleaner Tool With 16 Disposable Tips

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What is a Spiral Ear Cleaner Tool

Spiral ear cleaning tool is a more friendlysafer and affordable alternative to ‘Cotton-Swabs’ The Q-Grips tips remove dirt and ear wax from your ears using the most advanced design. An innovative way of removing dirt and ear-wax with the Spiral Earwax removal tool. Unlike cotton swabs, the softspiralled, and grooved head on the Q-Twists captures the wax with a small twist. It is painlesssafe and the only method which is suggested by doctors!


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